Single Zes for the South: opportunities for Calabria. The event starts in Catanzaro


By John

On February 9th in Catanzaro, the event will be held “Single ZES for Southern Italy: opportunities for Calabria”, at the Alexis Auditorium – Banca Centro Calabria management center, as a public part of the regional assembly of Confcooperative Calabria. The event, promoted with BCC Centro Calabria, aims to discuss the development of the SEZ as a regional economic lever both for companies already operating in our region and for those who want to invest in Calabria and the entire South. From this perspective of understanding the current socio-economic conditions of the region and relaunching it, the intervention of Adriano Giannola, President of SVIMEZ, who will open the proceedings with an analysis of the Calabrian economy, followed by a panel on entrepreneurship and cooperation for the post-pandemic relaunch, through the instrument of the Single SEZ for Southern Italy. The event will end with the Confcooperative assembly in the afternoon, focused on growth and solidarity, which will be reserved only for delegates of the registered cooperatives.

On the importance of the morning event for the relaunch of our region, in light of the data contained in the latest SVIMEZ report, Camillo Nola, President of Confcooperative Calabria underlined: “In response to emerging economic challenges, it is essential to recognize the vital role of cooperatives in promoting inclusive growth in Calabria. The resilience demonstrated by our sector in the post-Covid period highlights the importance of investing in models of sustainable businesses that enhance local resources and encourage innovation. It is crucial, now more than ever, to support cooperatives and businesses in general through targeted policies, such as that of the SEZ, and incentives that facilitate access to credit and stimulate growth. entrepreneurship, laying the foundations for a stronger and more cohesive economic future.”

One of the issues that will be at the center of the debate for the creation of the SEZ is certainly access to credit, which can allow companies that want to invest to have certain disbursement times. The words of are clear on this Giuseppe SpagnuoloPresident of Banca Centro Calabria, who strongly supported this initiative: “Financial stability and access to credit are essential pillars for the economic relaunch of Calabria and for the concrete creation of the SEZ. Faced with the challenges imposed by the current scenario economic, BCC Centro Calabria is committed to supporting families and businesses through innovative and personalized financial solutions. By strengthening our financial support network, we aim to promote financial inclusion and stimulate sustainable investments that can contribute to the economic growth of the region, while promoting the stability and resilience of the local banking sector.”