Slovakia, the pro-Russian Fico party wins the elections


By John

Contrary to initial predictions, former pro-Russian prime minister Robert Fico’s left-wing nationalist Social Democrats have won parliamentary elections in Slovakia. After the counting of almost 99% of the electoral districts, the opposition Smer party obtained 23.3% of the votes, according to preliminary results released this morning by the Bratislava electoral commission.

The populist Slovak party opposed to aid to Ukraine overtook the pro-EU centrist PS, supported by 17.03% of voters. The final results are expected on Sunday morning. The vote in this country of 5.4 million inhabitants, member of the EU and NATO, is considered decisive as to whether Slovakia will remain on its pro-Western path or turn more towards Russia. Slovak President Zuzana Caputova declared this morning that she will entrust the formation of the next government to the leader of the winning party, regardless of her “personal preferences” as a former member of the PS. Smer said she would not comment on the vote until tonight. Fico’s party had promised during the election campaign to suspend aid to neighboring Ukraine. The former prime minister attacked the EU and NATO and opposed any further military aid to Kiev.