Special economic zone in Calabria, unique at the expense of confiscated property


By John

Three hundred million euros from the valorisation of assets confiscated from the mafias, another 725 thousand from the upgrading of community services and infrastructures in internal areas. Just over one million euros of funds from the Pnrr, therefore, which will be destined for the creation of the special economic zone (Zes) unique in the South. The government’s proposals for the revision of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan and the Repower EU chapter also include this strategy which is not failing to raise controversy. Especially in an area, precisely that of the South, which experiences the fight against the mafia even in its most symbolic aspects, the prospect of removing those 300 thousand euros from the redevelopment and enhancement of confiscated assets aimed at promoting economic, social and civil society in areas “infested” by organized crime.
Certain, the idea included in the report that Minister Raffaele Fitto presented to parliament is to bring to completion all the projects admitted to funding “using national resources, in order to free up and allocate the corresponding resources of the Pnrr” to the creation of the single Zes. But, as we know, it is one thing to indicate where you intend to get the new resources, it is another thing to find them concretely.
Unexpected stop In December of last year, the ranking of projects admitted to financing was approved (242 for almost 250 million, another 12 with negotiation procedure for 50 million). Among the Calabrian centers involved (for 58 million), the Metropolitan City of Reggio Calabria, the Municipalities of Lamezia Terme, Palmi, Caulonia, Gioiosa Ionica, Rosarno, Nicotera, Tropea, Bagnara Calabra, Gioa Tauro, Melito Porto Salvo, Davoli, Corigliano -Rossano and several other bodies and associations.
In fact, with the decision to definance the measure with the Pnrr by moving everything to other funds, it suspends the process carried out up to now.

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