Subscription of the fourth BTP Valore begins: in the first half hour the value exceeds 300 million


By John

Subscription has begun for the fourth issue of Btp Value. After half an hour their value, for a security designed exclusively for small savers, exceeds 300 million euros. The placement will end on Friday 10 May (until 1pm), unless early closure.

The May issue includes nominal coupons paid quarterly and a maturity of 6 years with an extra final premium equal to 0.8% of the invested capital; the minimum guaranteed rates are 3.35% from the first to the third year, and 3.90% from the fourth to the sixth year. The minimum investment is equal to 1,000 euros and no maximum limit will be applied ensuring complete satisfaction of orders.

From the website of the Ministry of Economy

Introduction of the BTP Valore section: special issue from 6 May in banks, at the post office and online

From the 6 to 10 May next time (until 1pm and unless closing early) comes back BTP Value. This is a special issue which offers the opportunity to invest in a highly successful instrument both to those who have not yet had the opportunity to subscribe to it in the previous placement, and to all small savers and similar to whom it is dedicated (the so-called retail market).

This fourth issue will be characterized by a duration of six years, coupons paid every three months with pre-established and increasing returns over time based on a 3+3 year “step up” mechanism. The extra final premium will be equal to 0.8% for those who purchase it during the placement days and hold it until maturity.

The minimum guaranteed rates, together with the ISIN code that identifies the security, will be communicated Friday 3 May.

As with previous issues, the BTP Valore can be purchased exclusively by small savers through their home banking, if enabled for online trading functions, or by contacting their contact person at the bank or post office where they have a current account with the securities deposit account.

The investment can start from a minimum of 1,000 euros, always having the certainty of having the requested amount subscribed. The government bond can be purchased at par (price equal to 100) and without commissions during the placement days.

The usual preferential taxation for government bonds of 12.5% ​​applies to the BTP Valore, the exemption from inheritance taxes and, as provided for by the budget law for 2024, the exclusion from the ISEE calculation up to 50,000 euros , upon completion of the measure implementation process.

Subscribers, as always, will be able to sell all or part of the security before its maturity, without constraints and at market conditions. The subscribed capital is guaranteed upon maturity.

The placement will take place on the MOT platform (the electronic market for bonds and government securities of the Italian Stock Exchange) through two dealer banks: Intesa San Paolo SpA and Unicredit SpA

All official communications on the new BTP Valore, the FAQs, the information sheet and the Technical Note for operators will be made available on this site and on the website of the Ministry of Economy and Finance.

For information you can write to the dedicated email address (email protected).