Suitcase with 42 kg of food, Julio Iglesias stopped at the airport: baggage confiscated


By John

Restless start to the year Julio Iglesias: The Spanish singer had his luggage confiscated when he landed at Punta Cana airport, where he was later detained by Dominican Republic authorities.

According to the TV show Fiesta, Iglesias’ suitcase contained approximately 42 kilograms of food. Fruit, vegetables and legumes were found inside. Among the items were arugula, strawberries, mushrooms, tomatoes, spinach and raspberries.

The food was examined by airport security. The situation was subsequently treated as a “misunderstanding”. The episode dates back to January 10th. It is not the first time that the author of ‘Manuelà has carried food on a plane in his luggage. Those who know him well say that he is in the habit of doing this every time he travels from Madrid, favoring in particular national wine and ham.