Terrible accident in Corigliano Rossano, motorcycle landslide on a slope: two injured, one seriously with a guarded prognosis


By John

Bad accident on Christmas day in Corigliano. Two twenty-year-olds, both local, were injured in the accident, one of which was seriously injured, so much so that he underwent emergency surgery and was then transferred to Cosenza with a guarded prognosis. The accident occurred in the late afternoon of December 25, in Santa Croce in the urban area of ​​Corigliano. The causes of the accident of which the two young people were victims are still to be clarified and which the Carabinieri of the territorial department of Corigliano Rossano, directed by Lieutenant Colonel Marco Filippi, are now investigating.

However, as far as we have learned, the two were traveling on a motorbike which, for reasons, as mentioned, still under investigation, ended up off the road, crashing into an embankment and throwing the two centaurs. Emergency services were called to the scene of the accident and two young people, after receiving initial treatment on site from the 118 emergency service, were transferred to the emergency room of the “Nicola Giannettasio” hospital in Rossano. Once they arrived at the Rossana hospital, of the two injured people, one was in worse conditions, so much so that emergency surgery was necessary for him which involved the removal of his spleen. Once stabilized, due to some vertebrae problems, the doctors therefore decided to transfer the patient to the better equipped center of the Annunziata in Cosenza, where he is still hospitalized with a reserved prognosis.