Calabria, another “omnibus” law arrives: clampdown on sub-regional bodies


By John

An “omnibus” law, yet another in recent months, containing provisions of various kinds. In the text, deposited in the Regional Council by the Forza Italia member Pasqualina Straface and which today will be examined by the Chamber already called to approve the financial measure, some important forecasts are contained.
One concerns healthcare and, in particular, the modification of regional law 37/2022, in order to provide – in a situation of staff shortage – the possibility of resorting to additional services (as already happens in hospitals) for the medical and nursing staff of the air ambulance services, “in order to guarantee the regular execution of the services themselves, of particular importance for collective health” and to guarantee prompt intervention in situations of extreme urgency, establishing the hourly rate of additional services within the limits set by article 11 of the decree law 34/2022. Article 7 of the proposed law, however, lays down rules regarding cmaintenance of the expenditure of instrumental and auxiliary bodies, in order to update the existing legislation to current market conditions. In particular, it is envisaged that the expenditure for the staff of Agencies, Companies, Foundations and other bodies supervised by the Region, gross of the related charges and IRAP, «cannot be higher than that incurred in the year 2022 or that incurred in the financial year following the year of actual operation, whichever is later”.