The Democratic Party of Cosenza is shattered: Controcorrente asks for clarification on the party’s accounts


By John

War is war. And so “Controcorrente”, a PD group aligned against the provincial secretary, Vittorio Pecoraro, goes on the attack. And he does so after reading the interview given by the secretary to our newspaper. The tone is not conciliatory, confirming a vertical fracture in the party.
«We are pleased to learn that Secretary Pecoraro» write the exponents of “Controcorrente guided by Antonio Tursi « among many honeyed words addressed to the souls and souls of the Democratic Party, he finally takes charge of the request for transparency that we addressed to him on internal accounts and decision-making procedures. It’s a shame that he defers the examination of this secret documentation to an independent commission, invented ad hoc, in contempt of the bodies he himself established, namely the treasury committee and the provincial management. The documents classified by the secretary must be made available to these bodies, competent by statute, and to each of its members, to dispel any doubts about the conduct adopted during the drafting and approval of the budget. We hope” continue the protesters “that in the media effort of these days to remain anchored to his seat, Pecoraro can make these documents available. He would gain the figure of him, regardless of whether he remained as secretary or not.”
Then the further attack against the secretary, relating to the call for party unity made by our columns.