The “mystery” of the extraterrestrial mummies found in Peru: here is the opinion of the experts


By John

A group of Peruvian experts has defined some alleged extraterrestrial mummies as “scam”, very similar to those presented by the “ufologist” Jaime Maussan. During a press conference held on January 12, 2024 in Lima, Peru’s Ministry of Culture presented details of the experts’ opinion on the objects. The two alleged mummies, which look like small dolls, were seized last October at Lima airport and were about to be shipped to Mexico.

The mummies were discovered in a box in a warehouse of an international logistics company in Lima province. Experts from the Ministry of Culture and the Prosecutor’s Office of Peru examined the pieces and declared that it was a clear case of fraud.

This revelation raises further questions about the credibility of some discoveries in the field of ufology. Investigations continue to establish the provenance and real purpose behind the creation of these objects.