The grandmother invites her relatives to Christmas, but also makes her grandchildren pay the bill. “And this year I had to raise the prices”


By John

Christmas lunch with the family, yes of course but for a fee. It happens that in Great Britain Mrs Caroline Duddridge63 years old, has long communicated his rule to his relatives (adults and children). For Christmas lunches and dinners everyone must provide the advance payment of a fee, including grandchildren. Comments against the lady were unleashed on social media, but she explained and also decided to increase the rates for female guests: “Until 2022 – she explained to the BBC from her home in Fairwater, near Cardiff – my two children paid 15 pounds and my three girls 10. The “discount” was due to the fact that they worked part-time. Many accused me of being sexist. Not that I care too much about other people’s judgment, but I still thought it was fair to ask them for an extra 2 pounds “.

As highlighted, everyone must observe the payment of the fee. Even the little ones. The four grandchildren aged five and over had to pay grandmother Caroline 5 pounds, the children under 5 half. “I find it a highly educational lesson for children – he underlines – who thus learn to value food and money, getting used to saving and avoiding unnecessary waste. There are those who have insulted me on social media, comparing me to Uncle Scrooge, but I also received compliments from many people who appreciated the initiative, declaring themselves ready to adopt it themselves”.

Grandma Caroline’s strategy fits in with the spirit of the “Coronation food project”, the project to cut food waste, recently promoted by King Charles III. The fee imposed by Duddridge includes meals from Christmas Eve to Boxing Day. The menu features English sandwiches, roast turkey, beef with nuts, typical side dishes and four desserts. “The quality-price ratio is excellent,” she assures. But the high prices do not leave people at peace even in Great Britain: “Despite the increase requested from my daughters, I will not be able to cover all the costs this year either.” And to comply with Grandma Caroline’s strict rule to the letter, the payment of the fee must be made strictly by bank transfer. Anyone who does not observe this rule is “banned” from Christmas lunches and dinners.