The headquarters of the League in Messina was inaugurated, the “no bridge” banners contrasted with messages with the reasons for “yes”


By John

The provincial headquarters of the League was inaugurated in the afternoon in Messina, in the central via Gasparro 7 (next to the Municipal Palace). Present were the regional deputy Pippo Laccoto, mayors, city councilors, party leaders and supporters of Messina and the province.
«This is the home not only of the exponents of the party and of those who represent it in institutional offices but of all citizens who, like us, believe in the politics of doing and listening – said Senator Nino Germanà, provincial commissioner of the League -. We warmly welcomed our neighbors who displayed 'No Bridge' banners on their balconies to which we responded with the flag of the League and 'Yes Bridge'. It is always positive when the discussion between those with different opinions takes place in a polite and democratic way, as in this case.”