Conte speaks across the board in Corigliano: “A ceasefire is needed immediately in Gaza. The Bridge is absurd. National electoral challenge in Bari”


By John

“To ensure stability it is clear that the ceasefire issue in Gaza is more of a priority than ever.” The former prime minister and leader of the Five Star Movement, Giuseppe Conte, said this in Corigliano, in the province of Cosenza. Conte, responding to a question from journalists, stated: «There is nothing to share if Schlein calls Meloni. Now it is important that the entire international community shows great determination to avoid any initiative involving reactions and counter-reactions that could cause the already uncertain situation in the Middle Eastern quadrant to explode. For this reason, the ceasefire – Conte reiterated – is more of a priority than ever.”

“The Strait Bridge is absurd and needs more checks”

«We will also dedicate ourselves to the issue of the Strait Bridge starting tomorrow». For the M5s leader Giuseppe Conte, who tomorrow he will be in Messina, «it is evident, as we proceed, that the projects acquired so far have not really been updated. Therefore all assessments, of an engineering, transport and environmental nature, require more accurate verification. And this is what is emerging. Then, as regards our overall assessment, we say that it is absurd to concentrate so many resources on a single infrastructure, when all the road infrastructures in Sicily, as well as Calabria, should be improved. This is important before concentrating all resources on a single solution.”

“A challenge of national resonance in Bari, a strong signal is needed”

«In Bari we have an important challenge for the city government, which at this point is also becoming of national importance. First of all we have to think about the Bari community.” «Physical and mental energy are needed – added the former prime minister – what is actually needed is a sign of strong renewal. We leave it to the local forces to evaluate. You know our position. We didn't choose it. Among the candidates expressed by the civic parts of the community, a candidate emerged who immediately convinced us. We'll see what happens in the next few hours.” He then responded to the journalists' question about Massimo D'Alema who stated that Conte himself sometimes has irritating attitudes: «I never thought I was perfect. Sometimes when issues are raised, when values ​​are posed that are not negotiable such as legality, transparency, fight against corruption, I understand that we can also be irritating. But we don't give anyone any discounts on this.”

“Support for Stasi's candidacy in Corigliano”

Former Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte confirmed his full support for Flavio Stasi's candidacy for mayor of Corigliano Rossano. «We support this candidacy – he explained – also because in light of the administrative experience that has been there, it offers sufficient guarantees to do good for this local community. So we are here too and we support this candidacy. We will present our list and give our contribution. Above all, here there are families in difficulty, there is a segment of widespread poverty and we must create better conditions.” «Then there is – added Conte – the great issue of healthcare. Calabria is the region with the highest rate of people who give up treatment and there is a very high rate of Calabrian citizens who have to go outside for treatment. We are therefore going to dismantle the health facilities, therefore what little there is, to protect the right to health that every Calabrian deserves. We will oppose any defunding of healthcare in all areas so that the right to healthcare is an effectively protected right.”

“Autonomy, counteract wicked design”

«Calabrian citizens must understand differentiated autonomy. It will be a total disaster precisely for regions like Calabria which are most disadvantaged at the moment. Today – added the M5s leader – with differentiated autonomy we will move towards a future in which the richest regions will become increasingly richer. And regions like Calabria, which are in difficulty, will get into more and more difficulty. We cannot break national cohesion and unity and create twenty small states, each of which those most in difficulty are left to fend for themselves, as will be the case for Calabria in the future. Therefore, today I speak here from Calabria and I invoke all the unity of the Calabrian community to counter this wicked plan of differentiated autonomy. But, look, I will go to the North where I will invite all the richest countries and the richest regions to take into account that they too will weaken overall if Italy is no longer a single country, a republic of solidarity and absolutely cohesive”.