The Miami Police: the hogtieing of the Italian Matteo Falcinelli “chosen for his safety”


By John

The decision to hogtie Matteo Falcinelli is a legal method and was taken “for his safety” after he “hit his head” against the cell door. The police department itself reported this, as reported by the American media.

«The police issued a statement according to which they hogtied Matteo to protect him from harming himself», and «this harm was due to two head blows that Matteo gave to the wall and/or to the glass”: blows that «he gave to relieve the atrocious pain he had due to the severe pain” due to the handcuffs, said Matteo Falcinelli's mother Vlasta Studenicova risks death,” added Studenicova, reporting that the police have released new videos of the accident.

Mr. Falcinelli was charged with two counts of assault on law enforcement, resisting arrest and trespassing. He reached a settlement on two cases of assault and one of resisting arrest. The trespassing charge was dropped.” A representative of the municipality of North Miami Beach declared this to AGI, following the analysis of the videos relating to the case of Matteo Falcinelli, the 25-year-old Italian student arrested on the night between 24 and 25 February.