The newborn abandoned on the rocks at Villa San Giovanni: the grandmother remains in prison for infanticide


By John

The grandmother of the newborn found dead inside a backpack abandoned last Sunday on the rocks of Villa San Giovanni remains in prison, near the landing stages. This was established by the investigating judge Giovanna Sergi who validated the detention order issued on Wednesday by the Reggio Calabria Prosecutor's Office and issued, at the request of the prosecutor Giovanni Bombardieri, the deputy Walter Ignazitto and the prosecutor Tommaso Pozzati, a precautionary custody order in prison confirming the accusatory system. The womanmother of the thirteen-year-old with mental deficiency who gave birth to the child, according to the reconstruction made by the Flying Squad and the Carabinieri, sImmediately after the birth she would have worked to place the newborn baby inside a backpack and abandon it shortly afterwards on the cliff in front of the seafront of Villa San Giovanni.

The investigation revealed that the minor was helped by her mother during the birth phase and that the baby, found still with the umbilical cord attached, was born alive. Furthermore, by viewing the video surveillance cameras on the Villese seafront, the carabinieri and police were able to demonstrate that the backpack was left among the rocks by the woman herself, today accused of infanticide in conditions of material and moral abandonment. Woman who, during the guarantee interrogation, made use of the right not to answer. While the ordinary prosecutor's office continues its investigations to verify whether there are other responsibilities, the other line of the investigation also continues, coordinated by the juvenile prosecutor Roberto Di Palma and the deputy Giuseppe Creazzo who are identifying who the father of the newborn is.