The nightmare of Noa and her boyfriend Avinatan, the video of the kidnapping of the Israeli girl after a rave in the desert


By John

She went to the party in southern Israel with her boyfriend, to have a happy experience celebrating Nature for the Jewish holiday of Sukkot. But that rave turned into a nightmare for Noa Argamaniprotagonist of a video went viral in which she is taken hostage by Hamas militiamen during Saturday’s attack. In the video, relaunched by CNN, the girl is seen on the back of a motorcycle being taken away, amidst cries for help. Her boyfriend, Avinatan Oris taken away by several men and forced to walk with his hands behind his back.

In the background, a column of dark smoke. Family and friends of the couple have expressed a desire for the video to be shared, in hopes of locating them and securing their release. “It’s very difficult when you see someone who is so close to you being treated this way,” Amir Moadi, a housemate of Noa, told CNN, adding that he knew five or six other people who had been at the festival who have since disappeared. “We must do everything immediately to bring them back.”

Moshe Or, the brother of Argamani’s boyfriend, told Channel 12 that it didn’t take him long to find the video. “I saw his girlfriend Noa in the video, scared,” he said. “My brother, who is two meters tall, trains four times a week, he is a really strong boy. Maybe four or five people held him and they simply took them towards the Strip.”