Trebisacce, Mount Mostarico burns. Fire and flames touch the houses, fear among the inhabitants


By John

It burns Mount Mostarico. And with it also the areas of San Giuseppe and Santa Maria. The malicious origin is clear. The mayor Alex Aurelio with a specific emergency ordinance, activated the municipal operations center. Smoke and fire arrived from the Trebisacce capital. With people who took to the streets, abandoning their homes, to ask for help. Waiting for the rescuers to arrive. On site, in addition to a helicopter supplied to Calabria Verde, there were also teams of firefighters belonging to the permanent detachment of Castrovillari and Corigliano Rossano and to the city volunteer detachment, the civil protection and many volunteers. Smoke also invaded state road 106 with reduced visibility for passing motorists. Dozens of hectares of pine trees, centuries-old trees, Mediterranean scrub, spontaneous vegetation, but also olive groves that have ended in ash.

The flames, fed by a weak but constant breeze, began to spread, reaching rural homes and agricultural farms and even shelters for grazing animals. A real uproar in a vast area which is not easily reachable by large vehicles and even by tankers and trucks with rescuers on board. The fearful residents also tried to protect their country homes and farmlands with sacrifice and sweat. At least until a certain time, not even the Canadairs were seen, undoubtedly necessary to try to put out the fire. In an area already at risk on other occasions from the flames which years ago destroyed much of the surrounding greenery. In the area targeted by the outbreak also the carabinieri of the local station led by lieutenant Natale Labianca, colleagues from the Forestry Department, traffic police and municipal administrators, starting with the mayor Aurelio who wanted to personally monitor everything and find out about the situation . With the Upper Ionian continuing to burn, despite the arrival of autumn. It’s the fault of the usual arsonists who never stop in front of their insane and wicked work of destruction.

Update at 5.45pm

Fire in Santa Maria, Mostarico and San Giuseppe, the emergency has not yet ended, but the situation is currently under control. The two Canadair made available by the Calabria Region and the Calabria Verde helicopter are still operational. The part close to the houses does not cause particular concerns; the farm was not reached by the flames. The entire area affected by the fire is monitored by the police. This is what the Mayor says Alex Aurelio who since this morning (Wednesday 27 September 2023) has been present at the fire extinguishing operations carried out by the Fire Brigade, the volunteers belonging to the Civil Protection and Misericordia associations of Trebisacce, the workers of the Municipality and the Municipal Police. In close and constant contact with the regional Prociv, the areas of Santa Maria, Mostarico and San Giuseppe will be monitored throughout the night to follow the evolution of the situation.