UN alarm: “The risk of a 'nuclear catastrophe' has never been so high since the Cold War”


By John

The risk that anuclear weapon is employed is as high as we have seen since the Cold War, said the UN Secretary General, Antonio Guterres.

Commer reports AdnKronos, during a video speech for the US Arms Control Association's annual conference, Guterres highlighted a dangerous arms race, aggravated by the use of advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, which could lead to a “nuclear catastrophe”.

The Secretary-General highlighted the revival of “nuclear blackmail” and the weakening of international systems designed to prevent the use, development and proliferation of nuclear weapons.

He appealed for an immediate resumption of dialogue and a commitment not to use such weapons first, underlining the need for human agreement in the case of decisions relating to the use of nuclear power, excluding the use of machines or algorithms.

Finally, Guterres called for a reaffirmation of the moratorium on nuclear tests and an acceleration in the implementation of disarmament commitments under the Non-Proliferation Treaty, urging nuclear-armed countries to lead the way towards global disarmament.