Ursino: «Reggina is strong, they can do it»


By John

Minus two for the derby against Vibonese. Anticipation is growing in the city. The fans, especially those from the curve, will join the “Luigi Razza” in large numbers. The sporting director will also be in front of the TV Beppe Ursino, originally from Roccella Ionica, the manager who brought Crotone to the top: «I will follow – he says – the match and as a Reggio Calabrian I hope that the Amaranths go through. It won't be easy because the hosts have a deep squad and are well led. In fact, I know Buscè for his abilities.”
What will Reggina have to do to get through to the next round?
«We will need maximum concentration from the first minute to the ninetieth minute. The away team is capable of reaching the final, as long as they don't make any mistakes. I foresee a challenge of balance. We'll see what happens. The episodes could determine the outcome of the meeting.”
Are there margins to be fished out?
«Some companies will have problems submitting the registration application. The rankings will be fundamental, but we must not rest on our laurels because I believe the road to readmission is uphill. Regardless of everything, a place like Reggio deserves ambitious stages and the category most suited to the city's coat of arms is Serie B. However, if you don't have an economically strong owner behind you, such as that of Trapani, you will hardly reach the top. In football nothing can be improvised and, I repeat, without a considerable financial budget you cannot plan to win the championship.”
The club is already thinking about the future and has promised that it will build a squad to aim for first place.
«From words we must move on to facts. The current staff is not to be despised, in fact I think an excellent job has been done considering that it started late. It is certainly not the fault of the current management that the market was already closed in mid-September. However, interesting elements have arrived. I am referring to Perri and Provazza. There is the right mix between experience and youth. Also worth highlighting is Barillà's performance, which is scoring consistently. Nino is a leader.”
How do you judge Trocini's work?
«He is the ideal coach for a tournament like the D. In my opinion I think he has done a virtuous job and deserves to have another chance for next year».
Were you also surprised by Saladini's failure?
“Partially yes. We were one step away from A and then the earthquake happened. The people of Reggio have suffered yet another mockery. When you promise and then don't keep it, you have to change jobs. I understand the state of mind of the people who in the space of a month have found themselves from riches to rags. Furthermore, it is sad to have lost a charismatic character like Pippo Inzaghi who had to leave Calabria reluctantly.”
Who will succeed in the San Luca-Locri play-off?
“I prefer not to say too much.”
When will we see her again on the track?
«I'm in no hurry. If I were to find a serious project I could even get back into the game.”