Villa “Oltre il Ponte”, Orrico and Auddino (M5S): “An event to highlight the priorities of the territory. Conte in connection”


By John

“Despite the regime propaganda of the Meloni government which has elected the Bridge over the Strait as an essential work for the country, the 5 Star Movement wants to articulate a complex reflection to understand the order of priorities of the infrastructures in the area”. This was stated in a note by Anna Laura Orrico and Giuseppe Fabio Auddino, Calabrian coordinator of the 5 Star Movement and five-star coordinator of the province of Reggio Calabria.

“For this reason – say Orrico and Auddino – we decided to organize a meeting on Friday 1 December at Villa San Giovanni, on the Calabrian side of the work, and we wanted to call it Oltre il Ponte, in order to animate a prospective debate on the topic and evaluate the social, economic and naturalistic impact of the structure together with authoritative experts and representatives of the Movement.

President Giuseppe Conte will speak in connection, while, together with us, the deputies of the M5S Cafiero De Raho and Iaria, the professor of the Mediterranean University of Reggio Calabria Gattuso, the design engineer Marco Martens and the mayor of Villa Saint John Giusy Caminiti.

The Calabrian road system – continues the note – is disastrous and the rail connections far from the standards of the rest of the country and yet this centre-right, always the same, with the same faces, for twenty years has been proposing a divisive work in public opinion which presents objective critical issues in its implementation and which has already drained billions of euros in caravans and first stones from the public coffers, in vain. Beyond the eleven, it is not fully understood with what coverages provided by the Meloni government: what if instead these resources were invested differently? We cannot allow ourselves – conclude Orrico and Auddino – for the idea to peacefully pass, in Calabria as in the rest of the country, that there is no alternative to the policies of this government which are, instead, devoid of vision and incapable of keeping up with the challenges of the times. And the long story of the Strait Bridge amply bears witness to this.”