Israeli tanks south of Gaza, raid near Rafah and Jabalia hospital: at least 13 dead


By John

Israeli tanks have entered the south of the Strip at the height of Khan Younis. Local sources report this.

The Israeli army also announced that three more soldiers were killed yesterday fighting against Hamas in the Gaza Strip, bringing the military death toll to 401 since the war began on October 7. The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) released a statement this morning listing the latest victims: 36-year-old Neriya Shaer from Yavne, 22-year-old Ben Zussman from Jerusalem and 19-year-old Binyamin Yehoshua Needham from Zikhron. Quoted by the local media, the IDF explains that of the 401 dead soldiers, 75 were killed during the ground offensive inside the Strip, while the vast majority of the others in the clashes in southern Israel on the day of the Hamas attack on October 7.

Arab media, 4 dead in raid near Jabalia hospital

At least four people were killed and nine injured in an attack by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) near the Kamal Adwan hospital in Jabaliahin the north of the Gaza Strip: this was reported by the Arab broadcaster Al Jazeera and the Palestinian news agency Wafa, specifying that among the victims there were also women and children.

Al Jazeera, nine dead in Israeli raid near Rafah

At least nine people reportedly died in an Israeli attack near Rafah, in the south of the Gaza Strip. Al Jazeera reports it. The raid reportedly hit a residential building in the al-Tanour neighborhood. The destroyed palace belonged to the al-Jazzar family, according to local sources. Al Jazeera also reports that the Israeli army carried out several interventions during the night West Bank, arresting at least 60 people. According to a correspondent of the Arab broadcaster, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) carried out land operations in Qalqilya, Jericho, Jenin and Tulkarem.

Khuwajari, commander of Hamas’ Shati battalion, killed

The IDF and Shin Bet led an airstrike and killed the commander of Hamas’ Shati battalion, Haitham Khuwajari. This was stated by IDF spokesman, Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari.
Khuwajari, in addition to being the commander of Hamas forces in the Shati area, was one of the masterminds of the incursion into southern Israel on 7 October.

He died in Gaza Yonatan Samerano, 21 years old from Tel Aviv, taken hostage by Hamas after being injured during the Nova festival massacre in Reim on October 7th. His family has been informed, as reported by the Israeli media. The young man had tried to escape, reaching the nearby kibbutz of Reim, where another group of terrorists had kidnapped him.

The toll of reporters killed during the conflict between Israel and Hamas has risen to 61, according to the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ). The New York-based NGO explains that the victims are 54 Palestinians, four Israelis and three Lebanese. Journalists injured during the war in Gaza amount to 11, three are missing and 19 have been arrested.

Today the president of the International Red Cross is expected in the Strip

The president of the International Committee of the Red Cross (Cicr), Mirjana Spoljaric Egger, is expected to visit the Gaza Strip today. The Jerusalem Post reports it, citing Israeli Army Radio. According to the source, Egger is expected to appeal to Hamas to allow representatives of the Red Cross to monitor the hostages held by the Palestinian Islamist movement.