Villa San Giovanni, the mayor Caminiti: «The city has been waiting for the PSC for twenty years»


By John

He was the city planning councilor Albino Rizzuto to report in the classroom on the preliminary Structural Plan, approved by the city council in the last session.
Several steps crystallized in his speech, which went to “photograph” a scheme in which, technically, the network of connections is listed (motorway, railway, state road, urban roads), the urban system of services is outlined (squares and public spaces, schools, health services, churches, civic services, sports and leisure, hotels, cemeteries, areas designated for the location of public services, plans for production settlements, industrial development areas), focus on the areas identified in the development plan civil protection and those burdened by limiting factors, as well as innovative programs in the urban context. “In just a few months we have concluded what the city has been waiting for for over twenty years.” So does the mayor Giusy Caminiti, to highlight that «we could not allow a commissioner to choose our planning and we proceeded, with awareness of the important work already done by the Planning Office and in coherence with our electoral program, dictating the priorities and times, with political responsibility that an administration and a majority in unison had to and wanted to take on. Make up for lost time. There will be no instrumentally posed questions that will paralyze the work in this administrative mandate.”