Wolves, mission accomplished. Now it's Guarascio's turn: redeem Napolcosentino Tutino at all costs. The meeting with the fans in Pescara…


By John

A blitz. The second in a row, which is worth direct salvation (it hadn't happened since the post-Covid period, with Occhiuzzi as coach, when the stay reached the last day, and since the first season in Serie B of the Guarascio era, when Piero Braglia sat on the bench) and perhaps … something extra. Let's be clear, no one would be upset if Cosenza didn't get on the playoff train at the last minute – an unthinkable scenario just a couple of weeks ago – but have shortened the distance from seventh and eighth place so much (-4 from Sampdoria, -3 from Brescia) makes your mouth water.

The undertaking would still be titanic, because the Lupi's hope is made even smaller by the presence of two other teams in the middle (Sudtirol and Reggiana). But what matters is that Viali, after a less than promising start, found the key to restoring dignity to a team that had already shown his values ​​in the rest of the season, but with too much discontinuity. For information, ask Parma, fresh from winning the championship, who have never won against the Wolves, even coming close to a sensational home defeat in the return match. The secret of salvation achieved in advance? He has a first and last name: Gennaro Tutino, very close to the record for rossoblù forwards in Serie B held by Marco Negri, at 19. The Napoli forward has two more matches to write another page of history. Then it will be up to president Guarascio to make the fans happy who have bitterly contested him in the past. Here, the great opportunity to ingratiate them will present itself at the end of the championship, when it will be necessary to raise around a couple of million (perhaps by asking for a discount…) to secure the attacker born in Naples but who blossomed on the banks of the Crati.

The fortuitous meeting with the fans coming from Ascoli

And the first to ask the patron for sacrifice are the rossoblù supporters. Some of them met him in a service area (in Pescara, a place that in the past often smiled at the Sila people…), returning from Ascoli. The request is obligatory: “President, buy Gennaro.” Guarascio smiled, suggesting his willingness to try, but making it clear that the costs of the operation are high. Never as much as the fans' expectations. It will take an effort, maybe even two. But Tutino cannot escape: he is the symbol of a Cosenza that wants to free itself from the usual suffering. And thanks to his bomber jacket, this year, he was able to start sleeping soundly earlier than usual.

The banner under the bomber's house

To reinforce the concept, an unmistakable banner was displayed a few steps from Tutino's house (an idea from superfan Natalino Bosco): Tutino can't be touched. But the ball, as we know, is in the president's hands. Certainly, Gennaro would not be opposed to continuing his Cosenza adventure.