“BlUniverso”, a finite and infinite love: the new single from the talented Belvedere Azzurra is out


By John

It comes out on March 12, on all digital platforms, Bluniversethe single by Blue21 year old singer of Maritime Belvedere. Music is the leitmotif of his days and of his life. She started studying singing about 8 years ago. In 2021 she takes part in the casting of Amici, and in the semi-final of the Eleonora Lavore award, at the literary café in Rome.

Experiences that she carries in her baggage as an artist and which have allowed her to listen to and get to know many emerging musicians but above all to help her find her own musical identity. The stage is her home and she loves the adrenaline rush she gets when singing.

The song

BlUniverso talks about a finite and infinite love, like the universe that observes us. Written in October 2022, in an interesting period of his life from many points of view, it was the fundamental reason for returning to writing after a period lacking in stimuli. The message contained in this song is to rethink that love, in all its forms, is never wrong. Even when it ends and makes you suffer. Loneliness and the pain it often causes help us understand what we really want and seek: so as to transform this experience into something positive for ourselves. The song was recorded at Officine 33 Giri in Cosenza. The arrangement, instrumental performance and artistic production are by Joe Santelli. The arrangements, of clear electronic origin, enhance the emotions of the sung words but the composition does not lack acoustic instruments which embellish the song and combine well with the idea that BlUniverso wants to communicate. The song is on Spotify.