Cat locked in an Amazon return box: found alive after six days… of travel


By John

Cats, as we know, like boxes. Much more than lard, apparently, even if a cross-breed from Utah was really about to have his hand in it, for a box.
A US family was very distressed when their kitten, Galeana, disappeared from their home in early April.

Nearly a week later, thousands of miles away in California, an Amazon employee opened a box containing a return, a pair of steel-toed boots that didn't fit a customer in Utah, and it was Galeana jumped out.

For days she hadn't eaten or drank: she had had the unfortunate idea of ​​slipping into the box that her master hadn't yet closed and she crouched there, so well hidden that when the man closed the package she didn't even suspect that, with the boots, he was shipping the proverbial cat too.

All in all, upon arrival in California, the cat was in good condition. “Galeana loves boxes, it's part of her personality,” Carrie Clark, the pet's owner, told NBC, explaining how her family's pet ended up so far from home. Taken to the vet, it was discovered who she belonged to thanks to the microchip which returned Mrs Clark's contact details. The vet then called to explain what had happened.