Catanzaro, challenge to the unknown Lecco – Gazzetta del Sud


By John

There will be suffering and struggle. On every ball, in every duel, from start to finish. The 3-0 against Spezia is a thing of the past. The match against Leccomaking his debut in Serie B after a troubled summer between federal councils, TAR and Council of State, It’s a safety battle between two freshmen. The match in Padua (the Lecco stadium is not yet ready) is almost a closed box: «We’re going in a bit in the dark, so we have to be good at reading the match and being ready», confirmed Vincenzo Vivarini. «It is a challenge that holds many unknowns for us, Lecco has never played in official matches, so we have had little evidence to evaluate its qualities, we don’t even know its best formation, in terms of individuality, but we certainly find an opponent with great enthusiasm , aware of experiencing something exceptional. It was his strength last year, when he fought for every ball, so I expect it to be complicated from this point of view.”

Catanzaro at its third outing in a week, Lecco at its first ever: «Spezia was also rested when they faced us, we are evaluating everyone’s recoveries and conditions», explained the coach, whose main doubt concerns Iemmello, bruised but in some ways indispensable: «With him we are making a statement about great management in training so as to get him to the top in the shortest possible time. However, he had a great match against Spezia.” The other striker is naturally Biasci: in form, confident, fired up after two goals in two games. When he played for Padova he didn’t find space, today he can try to definitively exorcise that unfortunate experience. In midfield Vivarini is spoiled for choice: «I’m very happy with all four, Ghion and Verna give guarantees in terms of substance and quality, Pontisso has grown exponentially on an athletic level and in some defects he had last year, in fact against Spezia he showed an absolute level performance. Pompetti is less used to working in our way, but he is applying himself, individually he is strong, young, fresh, lively, he is shining in the relays, we are waiting for him to make him enter even better in every aspect of the game.”

Confirmation for the Ghion-Pontisso couple? Likely. Midfielders Sounas (but watch out for D’Andrea, Stoppa and Brignola) and Vandeputte, defense the same as last Wednesday, a team without a player who has proven to be important like Oliveri, disqualified for three matches: «I’m very sorry for him, he’s a good guy, we took inspiration from his reaction, which is wrong towards the team because you can never abandon it, you have to have the ability to do things according to your teammates regardless of the problems you may have with opponents or the referee . He was very naive, the race was over, but I think it was a great lesson, for him as for the others.” Which will, once again, have the push of a thousand people. The tour of the Peninsula has begun: «And it’s very positive, they will give us strength and spirit to fight until the end». The latest arrival Miranda has been called up, Curcio out (he can go to Casertana, who has an extension on the transfer market), Bombagi and Welbeck plus the injured Ambrosino.