Catanzaro's dream ends, Cremonese wins 4-1 and flies to the final


By John


SCOREERS 12' pt Vazquez (Cr), 19' Buonaiuto (Cr), 37' Coda (Cr); 24' st Sernicola (Cr), 35' Antonini (Ca)
CREMONESE (3-4-2-1) Saro 6; Antov 7, Ravanelli 7 (1' st Lochoshvili 6), Bianchetti 7; Zanimacchia 6.5 (27' st Ghiglione 6), Pickel 7 (16' st Falletti 6), Castagnetti 7, Sernicola 7; Vazquez 7.5 (16' st Majer 6), Buonaiuto 7 (9' st Collocolo 6.5); Tail 6.5. All. Stroppa 7.5
CATANZARO (4-4-2) Fulignati 6; Oliveri 5.5, Scognamillo 6, Antonini 5.5, Veroli 5.5; Sounas 5 (1' st Brignola 5), ​​Petriccione 6.5 (38' st Verna sv), Pontisso 5 (1' st Pompetti 5.5), Vandeputte 5.5; Iemmello 5 (38' st Stoppa sv), Biasci 5 (13' st Donnarumma 5). All. Vivarini 5.5
REFEREE: Mariani from Aprilia 6
NOTE. Attendance 12,992, revenue not communicated. Brignola sent off 18th minute. Antonini, Scognamillo, Pompetti are booked. Corners 5-6. Rec. 1'; 0'.

The dream ends where it began. Cremonese wins 4-1 and flies to the final: Vazquez, Buonaiuto and Coda frame the home team's perfect first half, Sernicola rounds off in the second half before Antonini's flag goal, but the defeat does not take away the power and value of Catanzaro's fantastic nine months.
From the first day of the championship, right at the “Zini”, to the return semi-final of the playoffs for Serie A, the Giallorossi have overcome limits and predictions, bringing the passion of their people back 40 years. Not since the 1980s have Eagles fans thought – legitimately – so big: between victories (many) and entertainment (even more), the season of Vivarini, Iemmello and company still remains a long series of applause, joy and happiness. The home defeat of a battleship could have happened before and it does now: Cremonese has shown that it has more from every point of view, heart and ideas are not always enough.