Crotone, boat capsizes near Gabella: 4 boaters saved by the Coast Guard


By John

This morning, a report was received via blue number 1530 regarding a nautical accident that occurred in the waters in front of the Gabella area of ​​the Municipality of Crotone. Indeed, a 5 meter motorized pleasure craft on which there were four boaters (two men and two women all from Crotone), sailing half a mile from the aforementioned location, around 11.40 am, for reasons still in progress of verification, it overturned, throwing the 4 boaters into the water. Having received the report, the immediate dispatch of the GC B145 Coast Guard fast vessel, located at the port of Crotone, was ordered, as well as the CP 321 patrol boat which proceeded to intercept the four pleasure boaters in the water near the overturned pleasure craft after just 10 minutes. minutes from reporting. The 4 castaways were recovered by the military personnel of the GC B145 dinghy and then transferred to the CP 321 patrol boat, where they were refreshed while awaiting arrival in the port of Crotone. Having arrived at the dock at 12.30, the 4 boaters were entrusted to the care of 118 (in the meantime alerted by the Operations Room of the Port Authority) certainly shaken by the mishap but in fair health conditions.