Gioia Tauro, favored the fugitive of Domenico Bellocco: a 42-year-old arrested


By John

A man considered to be an absolutely trusted figure of the leaders of the Bellocco di Rosarno ‘Ndrangheta gang was arrested by the Carabinieri of the Provincial Command of Reggio Calabria. This is Pietro Di Giacco, 42 years old, from San Ferdinando, accused of mafia association. At the request of the head of the Reggio DDA Giovanni Bombardieri, the investigating judge issued a precautionary custody order in prison against Di Giacco.

The investigation, which began in December 2019, originates from an investigative activity on the operational dynamics of the Bellocco gang and the involvement of some suspects in the management of the fugitive behavior of the boss Domenico Bellocco, aged 48. One of these suspects is Di Giacco against whom, according to the prosecutors, there are serious indications also in relation to the gang’s illicit affairs. The investigations revealed that Di Giacco ensured a protection and communication network between the top management and would have taken an active part in the implementation of the criminal program of the gang. In essence, the 42-year-old would have been the boss’s voice in the area while the latter was at large. Di Giacco would have been available both to approach the victims of extortion and to act as a person to turn to in order to present requests for protection or pay the extortion “owed” to the gang.

As proof of the role he played, the man, according to the prosecution, remembered having provided assistance to the Bellocco fugitives on more than one occasion and for many years without making mistakes that could have led investigators to their capture. Hence the will of the suspect, which emerged from the police investigations, to monopolize the management of Domenico Bellocco’s inaction, preventing others from doing it in his place, considering them unreliable. Di Giacco’s name had also appeared in old DDA investigations. The black Fiat Panda was registered to him and had been noticed by the Carabinieri on 1 September 2009 near the Polsi sanctuary where, as emerged in the maxi-operation “Crime”, there would have been a meeting of the ‘ndrangheta with the crime boss Domenico Oppedisano and with the bosses of the whole Province.