Public value, skills development and staff engagement: Aran and the Cosenza Chamber of Commerce launch the “In your place…” project


By John

ARAN, Agency for the Negotiative Representation of Public Administrations, and the Cosenza Chamber of Commerce today signed a memorandum of understanding for the dissemination in Italian public administrations of the project called “Al Posto Tuo”, soon to be tested in the Cosenza institution.

In a constantly evolving work context, even in Public Administration, the individual perception of roles and tasks within an organization can often be distorted or limited by the lack of detailed information.

“Al Posto Tuo” was created precisely to face this challenge and promote greater mutual understanding. The project aims to overcome prejudices and stereotypes that may derive from the lack of direct knowledge about the activities carried out by colleagues and to foster an organizational climate based on collaboration, empathy and mutual respect.

The fundamental idea is to allow employees who request it to work alongside a colleague in a different role, even at a different level of classification, for one or more days, allowing them to experience first-hand the daily challenges of the latter and to acquire a more complete and realistic vision of the responsibilities connected to that specific role, “putting yourself in the other person’s shoes…”

This is not a simple “role game”, but an authentic coaching, in which the owner encourages the guest to actively participate and propose innovative solutions. At the end of the experience, a double interview will take place to record the points of view of the two protagonists, encouraging reflection on mutual professional and personal enrichment.

Objectives of the “Al Posto Tuo” Project:

1. Create greater collaboration and engagement: Promote meaningful interactions between employees, even at different hierarchical levels, to foster mutual understanding.
2. Improve interpersonal relationships: Build stronger, more positive relationships within the organization.
3. Encourage sincere discussion: Foster an environment where diverse opinions are valued and discussed openly.
4. Innovative solutions: Stimulate creativity through the contribution of different points of view.
5. Development of problem solving skills: Promote the acquisition of practical skills in solving daily challenges, increasing negotiation skills.
6. Highlight attitudes: Recognize and enhance transversal skills, opening up the possibility of job rotations.
7. Learning “on the job”: Promote practical training through the support of holders of similar roles in other administrations.

Last but not least, the project can facilitate the production of public value, encouraging the implementation of the “360 evaluation”, promoted by the Minister of Public Administration Zangrillo with the Directive of 28 November 2023, which provides for the overcoming of the traditional hierarchical and unidirectional evaluation of personnel to embrace an approach characterized by the contribution of a plurality of subjects, internal or external to the institution.

“Al Posto Tuo” represents a step forward towards a more inclusive, transparent and collaborative working environment – ​​declares Klaus Algieri, President of the Cosenza Chamber of Commerce – where every employee has the opportunity to fully understand the challenges and opportunities connected to the different roles . An initiative that aims to promote the professional and personal growth of all participants, contributing to the overall improvement of the organizational climate. The collaboration with ARAN – continues Algieri – is a source of particular satisfaction for us because it gives this idea of ​​ours a national scope, confirming the value of the vision that is at the basis of the #ModelCameraCosenza.”

For ARAN President Antonio Naddeo, “the project is undoubtedly innovative in the field of Public Administration and is of great interest for the Agency. ARAN intended to support this initiative as part of its commitment to promote dialogue and interaction between PAs. The hope of the protocol is that the project will grow, spread to other Public Administrations and also become a model of exchange of roles between multiple Administrations, as well as within the same, for the full realization of the employee in the exclusive service of the Nation. ”