Catanzaro in crisis: the third defeat in a row arrives in Reggio Emilia THE WORDS OF VIVARINI


By John

Reggiana-Catanzaro 1-0
MARKER: 41′ pt Girma
REGGIANA (3-5-2): Bards 6.5; Sampirisi 7, Szyminski 7, Marcandalli 7; Fiamozzi 6, Crnigoj 6 (21′ st Portanova 6), Kabashi 7, Bianco 6.5, Pieragnolo 5.5 (1′ st Libutti 6); Gondo 4.5 (29′ st Antiste 6), Girma 7.5 (48′ st Melegoni sv). All. Nesta 6.5
CATANZARO (4-4-2): Fulignati 7; Situm 5.5, Krastev 6 (17′ st Krajnc 6), Brighenti 6.5, Scognamillo 6; D’Andrea 5.5 (35′ st Oliveri sv), Verna 5 (1′ st Ghion 6), Pontisso 6 (38′ st Stoppa sv), Vandeputte 6; Ambrosino 6, Sounas 5 (1st minute Biasci 5). Annex Vivarini 5
REFEREE: Champion of Pescara 6
NOTE: Attendance 10,386 of which 1,399 guests, takings of 126,166 euros. Scognamillo, Pieragnolo, Sounas, Ghion, Ambrosino, Bianco, Stoppa and the coach Bianco are booked. Corners 2-5. Rec. 2′; 5′.

Luckily there is a break, because Catanzaro has lost another, the third in a row. This time without the sensational turnaround that changed the mood on the eve of Christmas, but also without peaks of excellence on the part of Reggiana, who took everything without overdoing it: 1-0, short-sighted “cheerful” style, so it was Girma’s goal from a free kick was enough, 4′ from the break, against the Giallorossi in a tiki-taka version, never really dangerous in attack. Vivarini’s choices didn’t pay off: it’s true that Iemmello’s absence was felt once again. It is true that there are not many spare parts ahead and that the market will have to bring “structured” reinforcements, in order to guarantee different solutions in case of need. However, it is also true that changing four players compared to the match against Brescia did not help. The ranking, however, also consoles the 1,400 Eagles fans present at the “Città del tricolore”: Bari, a freshman last year, also ended the first leg with 30 points and in the end the playoff final was played. In short, there is nothing lost even if these three knockouts have dampened the enthusiasm revived with the triptych of victories obtained between the derby and the match against Pisa.