Youth policies in Calabria, over one million resources for 200 beneficiaries


By John

There are over 200 beneficiaries, and over 1 million euros in resources to cover the notice for the granting of contributions to support youth policies. In a time ‘polluted’ by individualism and the exacerbation of violence, which sees young people as protagonists above all, we have deemed it necessary to work on the prevention of hardship through training and aggregative interventions which have the main objective of promoting strong and resilient youth personalities with respect to to the vulnerabilities of life”. This is what the vice-president of the Regional Council, with responsibility for the branch, communicates Giusi Princi, in reference to the ranking of the notice for the granting of contributions in support of youth policies, published on the web portal of the Calabria Region by the Youth Policies and Sports sector of the Education, Training and Equal Opportunities Department. The notice, for which resources from the youth policy fund lying around since 2017 were recovered, we read in a note, was launched last September, aimed at non-profit associations whose statutes envisaged activities consistent with those envisaged by the same warning. It developed along three lines of activity: the first, which financed 76 beneficiaries, is dedicated to young people between 15 and 34 years old and is focused on some of the most current and socially alarming issues such as youth hardship, bullying, risks linked to use of alcohol and drugs, acts of vandalism, but also gender violence, stalking and mistreatment in the family, safe use of the internet and new methodologies/risks and dangers of the internet.
The second line, which financed 67 projects of as many beneficiaries, always with the same reference target age, is aimed at promoting collaboration between young people, integration and individual creativity through sports, theater activities, etc. The third and final line, which financed 70 projects, is aimed at beneficiaries between 16 and 34 years old and aims to develop solidarity actions with a view to volunteering and social and health assistance, also through activities that allow the young generations to react to psychological distress caused by Covid. “A punctual, scrupulous and transparent administrative process – underlines the vice president – for which I appreciate and thank the director of the Department, Maria Francesca Gatto, and the entire group who worked incessantly to produce the results in a short time. Together with the president Roberto Occhiuto – finally highlights the vice-president Princi – we wanted to give a strong signal of response to the various problems that affect the youth universe in Calabria, through support for the development of a harmonious personality of our young generations and by resorting to the associative world to activate serious actions of contrast and prevention of discomfort among young people”.