Province of Cosenza, the center-right also conquers the Council


By John

It had already won the presidency in 2021. Now the centre-right has also grabbed the civic assembly in Piazza 15 Marzo, numerically in balance until Wednesday evening (eight to eight), when the polls (in fact, the vote was for the renewal of the assembly) handed over eight territorial representatives to the coalition led by Salvatore Summaria and four to the centre-left, orphaned, however, of a list, Together for the Province, perhaps too hastily placed in a drawer in favor of the single area grid, Provincia Democratica , capable, however, of leading an excellent battle and placing themselves behind the blue component. Of course, there were fewer seats up for grabs compared to the previous electoral round, twelve instead of sixteen, and this, perhaps, induced the political forces to use greater prudence in preparing the lists of candidates.
Not the centre-right, evidently, which has fielded three lists, as many as in 2021, which many also support Action, the movement of the former minister Carlo Calenda, whose Calabrian coordinator, the regional councilor Salvatore Summaria together with the local representatives, believed from the beginning that he would achieve the desired result, managing to gain a seat in the former Government Palace, through the election, however, of a former member of the Democratic Party, the mayor of Spezzano Albanese, Ferdinando NocitiSuccurro’s competitor in the challenge two years ago and now merged into Azione.